This page is an idea brought up by Harley Fredriksen of Stevens Point.  It will contain a lot of ways to get you to information related to getting and staying off the fossil fuels grid.

submissions are welcome if you have any ideas

Wood-gas used to power internal combustion engines –
Greg David’s original video, making hydrogen in Jefferson County


Classic Motor Show Lahti – starting the wood-gas tractor


The wood-gas truck(1928 Volvo truck)

Here’s a very short–less than 4 minute–video with a fairly simple wood-gas generator (pyrolysis) unit. Couple quick notes:  You don’t need a torch; a simple cheap sabre saw with a metal-cutting bit will suffice, and the edges can be easily cleaned up with a file.  Steel barrels are thin-gauge steel, no torch needed.  Secondly, the type of insulation I’ve found works best is ceramic wool, AKA “Cerwool”. Cool soundtrack too.
Real Plans for a Simple Downdraft Wood Gas Generator

Here’s a fellow who has begun making and selling gasifiers. He does a fairly good job explaining the process of generating the gas from the burning wood chips and making it available to the internal combustion engine.


Guy running a 13-HP generator normally powered by gasoline (approx 10 KW).  The funkiness of the set-up makes one think this would be more suitable in a rural setup, something like an eco-village, rather than in a suburban trophy-house cul-de-sac. If you were going to be using it on a steady ongoing basis.


Joshua Burks’ YouTube channel – this guy is quite thorough in collecting info and building wood-gas generators.  He’s a welder with a lot of experience, and a millwright, in a wood mill, so those are really useful skills in this kind of work. He also does respond to email requests fairly promptly.