Back in 2015 we held a crowdfunding appeal to get some basic equipment in order to shoot videos about the environmental and social justice movements. It all began with a tour of the scenes of Western Wisconsin–devastation of farmland, forests and wetlands by frac-sand mining companies, around Hixton, WI.

We decided to crowdfund for a (used) HD video camera & bag, small tripod and other necessities to make available to anyone in a loose coalition of activists working on environmental and social justice issues–stopping tar sands pipelines,  frac-sand mines, crude oil trains, “sacrifice zones” in parts of the country where poor & powerless people live, and other crises.

We were able to send the camera and equipment we procured in the first crowdfund, with independent reporter Johnny Dangers of central Wisconsin, out to the North Dakota site known as “Sacred Stones” camp where the native and non-native people tried to halt the Dakota Access pipeline.  Johnny was able to stay out there for eight months and send back a steady stream of video and photo reports.

Unfortunately, in the mass confusion created by the North Dakota police-state notice to vacate the various resistance camps in February-March, 2017, our equipment ended up lost among somebody’s belongings, and we have no idea where the stuff is now.

So this crowdfund request is to replace the Canon hi-definition video camera and all accessories which went missing after the camps’ evictions, plus to raise some funds to allow Johnny Dangers to do his independent reporting elsewhere in the country.  Below this PayPal button are a few of the videos that we have done and uploaded to the YouTube Channel “Green People’s Media.”  Note that these are not full professional-quality videos, and this highlights the need for better tripods, external mics, and of course, expensive video editing software.

Here’s the PayPal button. Note that if you click on it you go to a PayPal account named “Biodiversecity LLC.”  This is the only business PayPal account we have at this time.

Thanks for any support you can give. There is no minimum donation, no “levels of coolness” so any amount is welcome.

Some posts we’ve done in the past.
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